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Accessing the dmt-Alpha

DMT-Alpha is a Likert scale survey instrument, the purpose of which is to provide senior executives with information about their organisation's status regarding digital transformation of services.

The survey is to be completed by senior executives, ideally by three to five executives in the organisation to enable triangulation of results.

The DMT-Alpha has two components: 

  • the alpha survey, which is to be completed by the senior executive and project management teams responsible for implementing Digital Transformation and,

  • analysis and benchmarking, undertaken by the Digital Metrix team, of the collected DMT-Alpha survey data across technical and leadership dimensions.

Focus testing of the DMT-Alpha has been conducted across public sector and four private sector organisations.


The DMT-Alpha was developed by Digital Metrix Pty Ltd, a Canberra based Digital Consultancy.

Assess your Digital Transformation Capability

Contact the Digital Metrix team to access the DMT-Alpha and assess your organisation's digital transformation readiness.