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did you know …

that only TWO out of seven public sector senior executives:

  • share a common vision of digital transformation

  • agree their organisation is investing in the essential workforce capabilities to deliver their digital transformation journey;

and only ONE (of seven) agrees that:

  • their senior executives mandate appropriate government and risk management processes to support implementation of digital transformation

  • relevant delegates be held accountable

  • their organisation is investing the essential leadership capabilities to deliver their digital transformation strategy

  • governance, reporting and follow-up activities relevant to digital transformation occur on a regular basis.

Digital metrix knows because we developed the DMT-Alpha

create A narrative for Digital Leadership

The DMT-Alpha enables the identification of agencies that are high performers in the digital transformation sphere. Once identified, these high performers can then share their best practice, experience and learnings with other less advanced agencies, which are at earlier stages of their digital transformation journey.

benchmark your Digital transformation

The DMT-Alpha provides several indicators of progress on a digital transformation pathway: total score for the survey overall; separate scores on each of the three Factors of Digital Capability, Leadership Capability and Delivery of Digital Service; and separate scores on the five Dimensions: Awareness and Vision; Governance; Foundation Capabilities and Resources; Culture Shift; and Measurement.

Case study: Total scores

The graph below shows the total scores of for all organisations in the context of results for all survey participants. This indicates that Organisation A has performed at the lower level of the cohort; and Organisation K is at the top.


Case study: Three factor comparative analysis

There is a very strong positive relationship between results on the Leadership Capability Factor, and on Digital Capability and Delivery of Digital Services: the lower the score on Leadership, the lower the scores on the other two Factors.

Overall, public sector organisations rated themselves lower on all three Factors than did private sector organisations. There may be several reasons for this.


Case study: identify Digital Champions

The chart below provides the most complete representation the participant organisations in relation to each other as a function of scores on all three Factors: Leadership Capability (x axis); Digital Capability (y axis); and Delivery of Digital Services (size of "bubbles").


For example, public sector company E is in the lower quadrant for both Digital Capability and Leadership Capability.

In general, the higher the organisation's scores on Leadership and Digital Capability, the higher the score on Delivery of Digital Services.

ACCESS your Digital Transformation Capability

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