Digital Metrix
supporting Australia's Digital Transformation

Digital Metrix

supporting Australia’s Digital Transformation

The Digital Metrix Tool (DMT) provides insight into an organisation’s digital transformation technical and leadership capabilities.

The results of the DMT provide a narrative of an organisation’s digital leadership strengths and the potential areas for improvement in comparison to their peers.  Repeated organisational assessment via the DMT allows executive leaders to track progress, plan, and resource their organisation’s digital transformation to make them both competitive and efficient.

The DMT has two components: 

  • the alpha survey, which is to be completed by the senior executive and project management teams responsible for implementing Digital Transformation and,
  • analysis and benchmarking, undertaken by the Digital Metrix team, of the collected DMT survey data across technical and leadership dimensions.

The DMT alpha survey comprises of 40, five-point scale rating questions, grouped into three sections: 

  • Digital Capabilities
  • Leadership Capabilities and,
  • Digital Delivery

Contact the Digital Metrix team to access the Digital Metrix alphaTool and to assess your organisation's digital transformation readiness.