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vision | leadership | technical capacity

Successful digital transformation requires vision, leadership and technical capacity. In this context, public sector organisations would benefit from a standardised and benchmarked method for assessing their digital maturity and compliance with relevant digital regulations and legislation.

Whole of Government Assessment

Further, the centralised collection and analysis of aggregated data gathered from these benchmarking exercises would inform progress at a whole-of-government level.

A meta-model for digital transformation Assessment

In order to measure how well an organisation is progressing towards its digital transformation goal, suitable questions need to be asked - and these questions have to be "fit for purpose" - designed to enable assessment of the range of variables involved in successful change outcomes.

Three key factors for Digital Transformation

The Digital Metrix meta-model measures three key Factors required to deliver a successful digital transformation ­– Digital Capability; Leadership Capability; and Delivery of Digital Services – and maps these across five Dimensions of – Awareness and Vision; Governance; Foundation Capabilities and Resources; Culture Shift; and Measurement.


Digital Metrix Tool (Alpha)

The DMT-Alpha applies this meta-model and is designed to provide a consistent way to measure digital leadership capability, to benchmark best practice, and through collection and analysis of datasets, to compare digital organisational maturity over time.

Digital Champions

The DMT-Alpha enables the identification of agencies that are high performers in the digital transformation sphere. Once identified, these high performers can then share their best practice, experience and learnings with other less advanced agencies, which are at earlier stages of their digital transformation journey.

Application of the Digital Service Standard

The DMT-Alpha includes sixteen questions directly relating to the Commonwealth Government's Digital Service Standard, to enable a picture of an organisation's progress towards meeting those standards to be developed.

A narrative for Digital Leadership

The results of the DMT-Alpha provide a narrative of an organisation’s digital leadership strengths and the potential areas for improvement in comparison to their peers.  Repeated organisational assessment via the DMT-Alpha allows executive leaders to track progress, plan, and resource their organisation’s digital transformation to make them both competitive and efficient.

Assess your Digital Transformation Capability

Contact the Digital Metrix team to access the DMT-Alpha and assess your organisation's digital transformation readiness.